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100 Ways to Make $100k

Do you remember the first time you made $100k in a year?

Do you remember the first time you made $100k in a month?

Do you remember the first time you made $100k in a day?

What did you learn?

We're on the hunt to find 100 different ways to find $100k/mo, and all the lessons that different people have learned on their journey.

This show is in partnership with Snapchat Discover and releases every Tuesday.

100 Ways to Make $100k: About
100 Ways to Make $100k: List

You might be wondering what inspired the show...

My little brother just turned 16. I went back home the other day to visit and his friends were over, and they asked "what do you do?"

I remember being 16 with a fragile mindset, literally anyone that flashed money in front of my face could easily persuade me. It's not easy being young, marginalized and broke. You tend to fall into whatever the rich people tell you to do, and at that age- it's only drugs, athletics, and music.

I was out for lunch a few days later with a friend who owns a church, another who is building a condo, and another making $400k/mo selling pest control.

We had a conversation around our first $100k and I extracted so many lessons that I wish I could share with my 16 year old brother and his friends.

Imagine if you were 16 and you heard your story now... I'm sure your life would change.

I think it's our duty to pay it forward to the next generation.

This show was created by and produced by our friends at PAPR MACHÉ.

100 Ways to Make $100k: About
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